Healing hands

Last night my wife was complaining about a headache that had been bugging her all day. So I offered to use on her the headache remedy that we learn in the Kyusho.com curriculum. I did it a couple of times and asked her how she felt. She mentioned that it was a little better but that it was still there. So I tried again and left it at that. I know that sometimes things don’t always work so I figured that was the case here.

Fast forward a few hours and I ask her how she is feeling. She says that her headache disappeared for a few hours but recently came back. I was like “It worked? That would have been good know earlier!” So I do it again for a longer period of time and she comments on how the headache kept “moving” as I applied the remedy. After a few more applications she mentions that it is almost completely gone.

This is awesome. It feels like having a superpower! Between this remedy and the hiccups remedy I use frequently I have been able to help my friends and family on numerous occasions.

Kyusho is not just about martial arts and causing pain. It can also help with a variety of ailments. We do cover these at our study group but if you want to learn more check out this page.

Until next time,